Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dragon Nest Moonlord Build

First of all we will start with full Magical Swordmaster [Moonlord].

The warrior skills dont need any explenation. Its obvious that Rising Slash is lv6 and Impact Wave is lv4.

Lets begin with the Magical skills.

[Moonlight Shatter]
If you're going Moonlord it's kinda logical you get Moonlight Shatter Lv11+ for the EX skill.

[Cyclone Slash]
Why only keep this skill lv3? Because it sucks. It's just a skill we use when other skills are in Cooldown. In PvP its nasty one tho.

[Cresent Cleve]
Get this atleast lv5 to get 5 waves. This skill is very DESTRUCTIVE at big bosses because of the many hits. Max this if youre full MAG.

[Half Slash]
This skill is sooooo slow. Get a heraldry plate with 50% speed. But when you hit it has a big impact on the enemy's health.

[Great Wave]
Why Great Wave? Infinity Edge does so much more damage. But since you are going Moonlord (Mag) you need this skill to get Moonblade Dance.
Btw! It rapes in PvP.

Ok, let's do the Physical skills.

Why physical skills when you are Magical SM? It's simple. When you're Mag skills are still in CD. Then you gonna need some phys skills. Also when you are surrounded by alot of Mobs it's easy to break out.
Keep the physical skills lv1. You dont need any higher phys skills.

[Heavy Hammer]
Why get Heavy Hammer maxed??? It's a physical skill!
It gives your enemy 42% less Defense/MDefense. This means that you're Magical Skills + your party members do much more damage.

Let's continue with the Parrying tree. In our guild we have 1 SM that doesnt use this skill tree. Why not? Cuz he is Pro.

We do not recommend to leave this skill tree behind. Because it's very usefull to optain less damage.

Hybrid Swordmaster [Moonlord]

For Hybrid SM you have to sacrifise your Cresent Cleve / Heave Hammer / Parrying stance / Counter Exile. What you get in exchange: Line Drive / Hacking Stance!
Both skills are good for PvP. But Hacking Stance is not usefull in PvE for Hybrid SM with focus on Mag of course.

[Hacking Stance]
Said enough.

[Line Drive]
Line Drive Lv3 got so much more Damage then the other lvls. This skill pwns!!

[Heave Hammer]
It's sad you have to sacrifise Heavy Hammer. But this skill still gives 35% buff at lv5. Only 6% less.

Of course you can choose to downgrade Line Drive abit and upgrade Cresent Cleve. But that is up to you.


The Ultimate equipment will be:
Old Magic Weapons (Manti/Apo) together with the New (Wisdom) Manti/Apo Armor. Why combine the new set with old one. Simply because of the Set effects. With the Old weapons you will get 2 set effect that givs 36 - 36 Mag Attk. With 5 set effect from new set you get 147 - 147 Mag&Phys extra. Also the other New Set effects are much better then the old one.

But not everybody can afford this. So if you got the old set it's also fine. When you have the new set it is fine to.
With both sets try to upgrade weapons alot. And get the right potential. (Mag, int, str, crit, etc)

Our advise for both sets:
Old set: Stack up Critical
New set: Stack up Final Damage.

How to stack up Final Damage or Critical?
See the explenation about heraldry below.

There will be certain updates about accesoires. You can read the comments to.


For both builds you get these plates:
Magic and Wisdom
Life and Healthy
Defense and MDefense

The rest is optional.
If you're going to stack up Final Damage.
Physical and Final damage plate

When going to stack up Critical.
Critical and Agile plate.

For both Final Damage and Critical. Try to get 3rd options on the heraldry above these optinial choices.

[Video Fragments]


As you can see here Moonlord is not playing at close range.
 Source: Carther and Asena Moonlord

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