Monday, September 26, 2011

Earning Gold Fast and Easy

So what's the secret in earning gold fast in Dragon Nest Sea? Rough Agates!!!

First of all you need to have a character with decent equips for faster run.
Go to Sanctuary Core Master Difficulty
You can complete the dungeon in 4-6mins with a character with descent equips.
In 1 run i get around 7-12 rough agates, the pouch from board quest and some heraldry plates.
Sell the pouches directly to the npc.. DO NOT OPEN THEM or else youll get crap items.
sell the rough agates on people at the town or register them at the Trading House.
Plates like Life Vitality, Health Plate, Destruction and Magicians Plate and Ultimate Plates will sell for some descent amount of gold.

So there you have it. Its so easy.

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