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Walkthroughs on Apocalypse Nest in Dragon Nest, Boss Dodge Ways Attached

Warming-up: Personally speaking, I recommend using the Freezing Field and Ice Stab skills at the very beginning, but don’t use Freezing Sword. The white ghost sometimes acts weirdly in judgment, skills cannot hit it every time. The frequently used skills include Ice Stab, Flame Load, Fire Bird and Fire Ball. Generally, it is easy for players to pass this stage, as long as they pay attention to getting away from the boss’ chasing eyeballs. Don’t face the boss directly, just stand with your back towards it and you won’t be hit by its chasing eyeballs.

The First Stage: The ghost is afraid of light. This stage is somewhat similar to the first one. First release Freezing Field and then Ice Stab, Fire Bird and Fire Ball. If only players are careful to the boss’ sickles, which can easily interrupt skills, they are able to pass this stage with ease.

The Second Stage: 5 Black Fog bosses are waiting for you there.  I have studied this stage for many times and figured out two solutions. The first one: begin to use Flame Load outside and click to enter the stage when no force user is in your group. In this way, you can be the first to rush at the boss, burn it and cast Fire Ball. In the meantime, you can protect your teammates behind from being hit by bombs. The second one: when there is a force user in your group, the elemental lord doesn’t need to charge at the very front. Just let the force user make the time come to a halt and then the thing you ought to do is to smash the boss.

The Third Stage: The Spirit is just a piece of cake for elemental lords who are proficient in fire skills. Even if the gate is closed, the Freezing Field and Flame Vortex skills can still scorch the boss. Remember to release Ice Stab, Fire Bird and Fire Ball repeatedly. If Fire Wall is accessible, use it as frequently as possible. AOE skills may ensure that no little spirits can disturb you. Unleash Fire Ball after Fire Wall to eliminate all small monsters.
The boss’ skill: The boss doesn’t deal high damage. If your group has a priest, you can resist it face to face.

The Fourth Stage: Exert Icicle and Poisonous Cloud to break cobwebs and use Poisonous Cloud, Ice Stab and Fire Wall to quickly destroy the sealed rock in the center. As for the last spider, fire skills can damage it badly and Fire Ball can cause considerable damage. The fat mob can be pinned down by priests. If no priest exists, slow down it by the Freezing Field skill and then deal infinite damage.

Thunder Beast: Cast the Freezing Field skill at the very moment of encountering the boss and then move back. The boss will bump you at first and then generate electric current. You can only avoid it when standing right in front of or behind the boss. Continue to use Ice Stab, Fire Bird and Fire Ball. You must get close to the boss when it takes out things from its mouth, otherwise, you will be badly injured. To deal with the boss’ jumping cleave, jump at an opportune moment in defiance of the small electric pole.

In point of the boss’ Embrace skill, use Fire Ball to make the boss stiff or interrupt this skill before the boss uses full-screen skills.

I nearly forget to talk about the Flame Smoke.

It is known that ice elemental lords specialize in ice skills, but fire ones must have learnt ice skills, as well. If the Freezing Field skill doesn’t hit the target in the beginning, take it easy, elemental lords have plenty of ice skills. So long as teammates are qualified enough, they must draw the boss’ hatred first. If a priest is involved in a group, it must discharge a thunderbolt first, so the boss won’t give vent to its hatred to elemental lords. If a warrior is involved, it can inhibit the Flame Smoke all the time. If a force user is involved, it should speed up the time and keep casting ice skills to cause massive damage. If an archer or acrobat is involved, it has many skills to bring stiff effects to the boss and then elemental lords are able to export damage continuously. If an archer is involved, its super high damage together with elemental lords’ ice skills can definitely kill the boss in a minute.

Following Ice Stab and Freezing Sword, use Icicle to move a bit, because the Flame Smoke must recover from the stiff effect after the several skills. Change a position in case of the Flame Smoke issuing from the earth.

Next, it is the real smasher, the final boss in the Apocalypse Nest.

A lot of players complained that the final boss is the hardest in the Apocalypse Nest, but other bosses are easy to cope with. Nevertheless, in my eyes, compared with the previous bosses, the final boss is as weak as a dog or a cat.

The final boss’ skills generally include: roar, bomb once at a fixed location, rotate jumping cleave 3 times, surrounding laser light, rotary rays, thrust forward claws attached with 2 light rains sometimes, bomb 3 times at a fixed point and distribute paws when only 2 HP bars are left.

Some players are waiting to be beat when the boss roars, because they will be flown away, but suffer little damage. However, elemental lords cannot do that. When the boss is about to roar, release Level 40 Flame Vortex, Level 40 Blizzard Storm and Fire Wall, or even seize an opportunity to cast Freezing Field. While the four skills are used, players cannot be blown off and can attack the boss at the same time. Providing players take good control of the skills, they won’t be blown away or lose any HP in the whole combat. No HP loss is one of the requirements to pass the dungeon unharmed.

Bomb once at a fixed location: This skill can deal very high damage, but it is often cast after the boss roars or thrusts forward claws. To defeat the final boss, all classes should move constantly rather than stick to one place. Don’t think you will be safe outside the pink area. This skill is determined by your position and its effective range seems strange. Even though you have a distance from the pink circle, you are likely to be hit. Therefore, move from time to time and don’t crave for more damage, or else you will be beat painfully.

Rotate: The boss will perform some actions before rotating. It is easy to avoid. The boss won’t let off its hatred to a fixed target, instead, it aims at a person randomly. Again, don’t crave for more damage, or else you will be beat painfully.

Jumping cleave 3 times: Since you go to challenge the Apocalypse Nest, certainly, the Lion Scorpion is not a problem for you. You can dodge this skill without effort. I think this skill is used too infrequently, twice at most or even never in a fight.

Surrounding laser light: Pay attention to the boss’ paws, don’t stay where its paws have gathered, because you will be hit easily. I haven’t found any prepositional actions before this skill, but it’s not difficult to dodge. Even if you are hit, you can get rid of it with a flash. Being attacked once will reduce your 2000 HP.

Rotary rays: Newbies had better run following the boss’ trace. Veterans have two choices: one is to run around while using Flame Load. Don’t hurry when using Flame Load, otherwise you are easy to go in the wrong direction. The rotary rays are also strange in its judgment. Try to keep away from the light pole or directly jump over it by using Flash (I only succeeded once).

Thrust forward claws attached with 2 light rains sometimes: Generally, elemental lords won’t be hit by this skill, because they always attack from the side.

Distribute paws: Such paws have low resistance to stiff effects, a poisonous cloud can hold back all of them. Additionally, the cooldown of Flame Vortex should be over when the final boss has the last 2 HP bars, use it to clear paws. Skills like Ice Stab, Fire Bird, Fire Wall can also be used to wipe out paws.

Bomb 3 times at a fixed point: When the final boss flies and emits pink rays, disperse quickly instead of continuing to deal damage and run in the form of A. If you are hit once, you will be attacked continuously and 30,000 HP will be lost at a time.  Once again, don’t crave for more damage, or else you will be beat painfully.

I haven’t encountered the God’s Punishment skill, so I won’t talk of the way to dodge it.

I am not an excellent elemental lord. I challenged the Dark Overlord’s Tower through reviving 8 times when I was level 34 and was able to pass the Manticore Lord Nest in normal mode alone after practicing for one month. I am quite convinced that more players have better techniques than me. The Apocalypse Nest is not hard, don’t be afraid of it.

At last, I have to say elemental lords are the best in challenging the Apocalypse Nest, haha!

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