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Dragon Nest Final Damage Calculation Guide


Final damage (FD) is a mysterious stat to many players, old or new because the game never really explain much about it.

Before the sea dragon patch, final damage used to be calculated in this way:

Each hit + x final damage

If you have x final damage, you will see an increase of x damage per hit to your damaging skills. So basically, the old calculation of final damage benefits only skills with multiple hits.

However, after the Sea Dragon patch in korea last year (Dragon Nest Infinity patch), final damage calculation have been revamped.


The korean developer gives the following info and examples with regard to the change of final damage calculation in the official update notice:

1. A level 40 player with 300 FD hits another Lv40 target - deal an extra 13 % damage.
2. A level 40 player with 700 FD hits another Lv40 target - deal an extra 50 % damage.
3. The damage boost due to FD is dependant on the level of the target: higher damage boost to lower level targets. 
4. The maximum additional damage possible from FD is 100% (double damage)
5. The effect of final damage is nerfed in pvp.

First, it must be noted that now all skills regardless of number of hit, enjoys the SAME % of damage increase.


Recently, a group of players in DN CN have performed a series of test and published the results in

Lv16 Targets
( Final dmg >> Dmg % inc )
355 >> 100%
411 >> 100%
523 >> 100% [ref 1]

Lv32 Targets
( Final dmg >> Dmg % inc )
36 >> 1.87%
75 >>  4.19% [ data obtained by myself ]

355 >> 20.7%
411 >> 26.6%
523 >> 61.9% [ref 1]

Lv40 Targets
( Final dmg >> Dmg % inc )
36   >> 1.42%
85   >> 3.50%
124 >> 5.25%  [ data obtained by myself ]

355 >> 14.7%
411 >> 17.1%
523 >> 21.7%
541 >> 22.4%
582 >> 27.7%
593 >> 29.4%
700 >> 52.93%
705 >> 54.14% [ ref 1 ]

Lv50 Targets:
( Final dmg >> Dmg % inc )
75 >> 1.6%  [data obtained by myself ]

228 >> 5.9%  [ ref 2 ]

515 >> 12.1%
637 >> 14.9%
693 >> 16.2%
805 >> 18.8%
810 >> 18.9% [ref 3]

Ref 5 give more data.

The data above are represented in the figure below.

Ref 5 propose an almost perfect fitting equation, which says that the relation between the final damage value and the damage inc % is linear up to a certain point. Beyond that point, the relationship is a x^3.5 curve.

The curve as described above is fitted through data for lv40 and lvl50 targets.


Download Link for Final Damage Calculator V3.0

Simply key in the final damage and the excel spreadsheet will tell you the % damage boost to lv32 (approximate), 40 and 50 targets.

NOTE: there might be some small discrepancy between the value shown in the spreadsheet and the real ingame % damage boost because the equations are obtained by curve fitting. The error normally would not exceed 1%.


The growth of final damage is non-linear in nature.

For example, from the curve for lv40 target, it can be seen there, the % damage increase curve increases very significantly after the point of inflecton at around 500 final damage.

Before that point, the slope of the curve is actually pretty mild and linear, meaning increase of final damage doesn't give much increase of % damage inc.

However, after the point of inflection, the slope of the curve grows exponentially. A small increase of final damage gives a HUGE increase of % damage inc (for example near 550 final dmg for lvl40 targets)


Another interesting properties of Final Damage is that the level of the target actually affects the % damage increase too. ( see the figure above )

Final damage give more  % damage boost if your target is lower level.

For example, a player with 523 FD hits a lv32 monster, deal 61.9% extra damage.

The same player with 523 FD hits a lvl40 monster, deal only 21.7% extra damage.

With a fixed FD value, the damage boost reduces against a target of higher level.

The damage boost versus target level curve are shown in the figure below:

From the figure above, it can be seen that for low FD, the damage variation against different level target is very small (refer to the FD = 75 and FD = 228 curve).

However, at high FD value, the curve is very non-linear and varies very significantly with target's level ( refer to FD = 515 , FD =693 and FD =805 curve).

From the curve, it can also be observed that the damage boost diminishes very significantly against high level targets.

In other words, you will need MUCH MORE FD value against high level targets/monsters to have singificantly damage boost.

For example:

To get 100% damage boost against Lv32 monster, you only need 575 FD.

To get 100% damage boost against Lv40 monster, you will need at least 840 FD.

To get 100% damage boost against Lv50 monster, you will need at least 1500 FD!!!


There is a limit to the % damage inc from FD.

For example, a player with 593 FD hits a lvl 32 monster, deal 100% extra damage.

The same player with a higher 705 FD hits a lvl32 monster, ALSO deal 100% extra damage.

Boosting FD beyond a certain value doesn't increase the extra damage because of the limit for FD is 100%.

The FD damage inc of 100% for lvl16 targets also confirms this effect. (see the figure above, the lv16 data.)

These test confirms that the limit for % dmg inc due to final damage is indeed 100%.  In other words, the damage boost from FD will not go beyond 100%.


It is also proven in real game test that the effect of FD is nerfed significantly in PVP. The damage increase due to final damage in PVP is almost negligible.


At lv40 cap, it was widely believed that the level gap between the player and the target / monster is one of the factor that affects the % extra damage.

This was proven to be INCORRECT when lv50 cap opens.

The test is a simple one:

A lvl40 player with 75 FD, hits a lvl40 monster deal 2.9% extra damage.

A lv50 player with the same 75 FD, hits a lvl40 monster, deal the same 2.9% extra damage.

The LEVEL OF THE PLAYER HAS NO EFFECT on the damage boost from FD.


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