Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dragon Nest Garden of Time and Space

Another Method to Nest Entrances

 I am sure many of you know about this already but I still see many people using the old method to go to Nest entrances. I am not saying that it is wrong to do so. But the new method is better because

  • The walking distance is shorter.

  • The party can still enter another nest if you guys decide to clear another Nest.

  • Easier to find parties for different Nests because all Nest entrances can be reached from the same place. (You will notice the difference when the lv 40 Nests are out. Manticore Nest’s entrance is on the South exit of Saint Haven.)

  • You may argue that you can just simply press “O” and see the available parties for the Nest that you wish to go. Yes, I agree with you. I already mentioned that there is no right or wrong method. Just personal preference in whichever method you want to use. It can be easier for people to invite others to their party when they want to inspect equipments before inviting.
    Now let’s take a look where is this new “place”. Introducing the Garden of Time and Space…

    You can reach this location from the location circled in red in the mini map.

    Upon entering, on your left hand side, you will see 2 entrances.

    The first entrance of the left will be for Lv32 – Lv40 Nest [Normal] and the second entrance of the right will be for Lv32 – Lv40 Nest [Hell]. So Cerberus, Manticore and Apocalypse Nests can be found in these 2 entrances.
    Minotaur Nest can also be entered here too. Credits to Eleftheria, commenter in this blog post.

    The other 3 entrances are not available yet. They will be for higher level Nests.

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