Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dragon Nest Hidden Stage: Chaos Opening

Chaos Opening Guide
Chaos Opening Required 1 ~ 4 Person to enter the dungeon, will not use any ABP / FTG. Once your level reach 32, and your bag got Key Dimensional, then you can enter the Chaos Opening dungeon.


Enter Location:
Saint Heaven - Black Mountain
Calderock - Gray Ruin



After you done the Chaos Opening dungeon, you can get the ingredient to make the Skill Acce : -

You can make those skill within level 25 ~ level 40, upgrade the skill + 1, means ur skill will be one more level higher than the level u holding now. You can either make in Ring, Earring or Necklace, and can be used for weapon prefix ingredient also.

Chaos Opening dungeon enter mode, is random. Means that they will randomly give u some map and ask u to clear the task, but Boss stage will be the same, you will be go into a dimension space and fight with other classes shadow.


Random Map - Dun think i will scare u even u got a big axe!


Zombie Map


Random Map : Whole bunch of ogre


Boss Stage - Fight with other classes shadow and win the battle!

Hidden Guide:

1. Key Dimension seem to be tradeable now.

2. The skill Acce will be according to your level, means if your level is 32, then the skill acce things appear in the blacksmith is around level 30+, if you are level 40, then ur skill acce available in blacksmith is around level 40.

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