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Dragon Nest Manticore Nest Guide

Manticore Nest Guide

After you enter the Hermalte Port, walk straight past the Dissembler and keep a lookout on your right. There will be a portal before you reach the Forsaken Islet dungeon area.

Alternatively, you can enter through the Garden of Time and Space.
Stage 1: Rotten Rock Demon

The 1st stage has a relatively small area, with various rock demons of various elements appearing. Eventually, the main green demon boss will spawn in the middle.
This should be a relatively easy stage, but take note of these pointers:
1、You have to drag the mobs to the sides and kill them, if not they will be healed by the statue in the middle. The amount healed is quite huge, so the battle can be quite tough if you didn’t lure them away from the middle.
2、When the boss releases a green array on the ground, prepare to dodge away from the area. If not, the array will trap you at that position and be prepared to be hit by the surrounding mobs.

PS:Cleric’s shield block is useless here. With it active, you will still be trapped. And few hits from the mobs will remove your block in no time.

Stage 2: Minotaurs

This stage is relatively easy too. When you get in the arena, one of the gates will be opened while the minotaur inside will be charge out to attack. After a certain time, another gate will be opened and the next minotaur will be released. This will continue until all the minotaurs are out.
I would suggest to kill off the smaller minotaurs before heading for the main Boss, but if you can kill them fast enough, just kill whatever comes first.
The only special thing to note:The minotaurs can use various skills to increase their defenses, for both physical and magic. These buffs can be removed by Merc’s silence, or be lightened by other armor reducing skills like Paladin’s Armor Break.

Stage 3:Medusa

Compared to the previous 2 stages, this stage can be considered as one of the harder ones.
The area is made up of 5 big squares, forming a “+” shape.
In the middle square area, you can see that there are 4 different coloured cubes stuck inside the ground, being Green, Red, White, and Yellow.
Whenever the Medusa boss raises her weapons, the screen will have a hint stating that the ground will be shifted within 5 seconds.
Then, one of the cubes will start hovering in the air.
The square area that is the closest to that hovering cube, will be the “Safe Area”. Even though you will still be damaged by the Medusa’s blade attack, this “Safe Area” regenerates your HP for 2-3 times. Your HP recovered will definitely exceed the damage done by the boss, so no worries.
As for the other 3 areas, you will be attacked by the blade attack without any regenerating heals. Paladins and SMs can use their various block skills to defend this blade attack, so they won’t need to dash to the “Safe Area”.
Be careful of this global blade attack. For female classes without good defense equipment, be prepared to die instantly if you don’t get to the “Safe Area”.

Stage 4:Stone Boss

This stage consists of a huge Stone Boss, accompanied by various small stone demons.
These stone demons will not attack, neither can they be damaged if the 2 dark crystals beside each of them are not destroyed yet. Similarly, if these small stone demons are not killed, the Stone Boss will have a blue protective aura that makes it invulnerable.
So, just kill the small stone demons asap then approach the main Stone Boss.
From time to time, the main Boss will resummon the small stone demons. At this point of time, the dark crystals won’t be recreated. Simply kill the smaller stone demons and head for the boss again.
Everytime the boss resummons the smaller stone demons, various food will be created at the area of spawn. These regeneration/buff potions include HP, MP, Damage, and even rotten potions (potions that reduces your HP/MP/stats) too!
When you’re eating the food, be careful that the food is actually the fresh one and not the rotten one. Also, the boss will throw stones from time to time, and has a long range rolling attack which can be quite fast.

Final Stage:The Dark Manticore

Do you still miss the Manticore Boss from the Prayer’s Resting Place? Now it has evolved to a black demon with various strong attacks. However, it can be an easy boss to deal with.
During the early stage, the Manticore will only use several basic attacks. Only after being reduced by 1-2 HP bars, then it will start casting various power moves. When it reaches the 2nd last HP bar, its frequency of attack will increase too.
These are the basic attacks of the Manticore
Back Tail Sweep, Claw Swipe, Diving Attack after flying up the sky, Front Pounce, Tornado, Energy Ball, Black Hole, Gravity Field, Power Stomp. (These should be all)
Back Tail Sweep: The boss will simply sweep his tail and to hit any enemies at his back. Don’t ever stay at the back of the Manticore. This attack can be quite painful.
Claw Swipe: Similar to the claw swipe from Cerberus, however the frequency of attack won’t be as high as Cerberus. Just time your blink/tumble well and you should be fine.
Energy Ball: The boss will just throw a huge black ball in front of him. As long as you stay close to the boss, you won’t be hit.
Diving Attack: The boss will fly up the sky. When the boss HP is still high, after flying up the sky, it will start flapping its wings 3 times. After the 3rd flap, prepare to jump to avoid the ground attack. However, that’s not all. Several spikes will be created around the boss, so remember to use your tumble/blink to evade. You can jump to evade too. If you’re lucky, these spikes won’t hit you.
Alternatively, you can drive up your PC volume during the gameplay. When it is about to dive down, there will be a significant sound.

When the boss HP reaches 3 bars and below (to be confirmed), it will not dive down from the sky immediately after its flight. It will cast various Energy Balls to hit the ground. So please don’t blindly follow your team mates as you may die instantly from the attacks. Just move away from the balls. After this onslaught, it will flap its wings 3 times again before coming down.
When the Manticore has only 1 HP bar left, there will be some purple arrays shown on the ground before the Manticore decides to dive down, in which several flame demons will spawn and fly in some random direction. Just be careful not to get hit by them.
Front Pounce: When the boss has locked on to one of the players, and that player is far from it, it will do a pounce like what you see in Cerberus Nest. Just blink/slide/tumble or move away.
Power Stomp: The boss will raise both of its claw high while emitting a bright glow out from the claws. It will cause an earthshake while generating 4 blade waves spreading out of him. Just jump right before it stomps the ground, followed by a tumble/slide/blink.
Black Hole:The boss will raise one of its paws at this point of time. It will emit a slight red aura while creating a black array in front of it. Just continue moving away from that array and you should be fine. ELs can use Flame Road, Warriors can dash, others can simply unstance and walk.
The damage of this skill may be quite low, but clerics have to take note. The numerous small hits will remove your Block buff in no time.
Tornado:Several large tornadoes will be created in front of the Boss after it raise both of its paws. This time, there won’t be a glow emitting out from it. Subsequently, the tornadoes will fly outwards. It should be relatively easy to dodge. Just move away from them. The damage can be quite high.
Gravity Field:Incredible damage with superb AOE. Without a decent HP, you can die instantly from it. The boss will create 3 black arrays around him, but there will be safe areas in between these arrays. Just get to the safe areas and continue attacking.
**Take note that staying near the boss at all times is the best way to be safe.

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