Monday, November 7, 2011

Dragon Nest Minty's Bowmaster - Artillery PVP Skill Build

Introduction :

Why Artillery and not Sniper?

        -I don’t like Charge Shot (it is slow to cast and not really convenient in pvp, although I know I can add crest animation, but as an Artillery I need other skill crests)

        -Detonating Arrow is more precise than Ambush Point

        -If you like and want to max Guided Arrow. (mag atk is what you need)

        -And Extension Arrow Ex is very beautiful, and has huge AOE.

        Well, if you really like Bowmaster’s magic attacks, I advise you to be Artillery, her skills are really great to play with, I can see a lot of people who chose to be Sniper, but I’m sure Artillery is not a class to be underestimate, if you know how to play with, you’ll really enjoy and be a great DPS in pve.
        Her Magic Breeze is a very special skill which can allow you to switch all you phy skills to mag skills, and add +30% mag atk also during 10 seconds. It is a very important skill for all Artillery’s gameplay, indeed usually we all focus to increase our mag atk, and abandon our phy atk, what is not an advantage because I think Bowmaster in general has more phy skills than mag skills.

[~ ~ ~ My Artillery skill build ~ ~ ~]
(I'll just justify my choices, the rest is simple to understand)

Archer Skill tree:

        -Owl’s Insight: I chose to max it because I thought it could be cool to have 550% critical every minutes. I wanted this skill to be like Eagle Anger (skill in the bottom left hand corner)

       -Multi shot:  lvl 1 because it has long cooldown, and in pvp I could see that it is not worth to max it, in my own experience we need to be close, sometimes it hits sometimes not, I just want it to delay and combo after.

         -Phy/Mag mastery, Mp regen : I maxed it because archers don’t have big defence and we don’t want to run out of mp (cf: Spirit Excellation)
       -Aerial Evasion: lvl 1, I think it doesn’t really need to be maxed, because in pvp and in pve we are not gonna fly every 19 sec(max lvl 4)

       Twin Shot: I need to sacrifice this skill so I can have Owl’s Insight lvl8.

        This is my gameplay, but I think it will be more sensible to have Twin Shot maxed, if you don’t need Owl’s Insight. Or leave Owl’s Insight lvl 1 and max Twin Shot.

Bowmaster Skill tree:

        -Extension Arrow: lvl 12, to deal more damages

        -Sylph’s Aid: Max it, range is important.

       -Crossbow/Longbow Mastery:It is recommended to use a Crossbow, but I think a Longbow can do it to play Artillery. Max it. RANGE ! (In pvp, use a Longbow if the Crossbow is your main weapon, everything is nerfed, so the crossbow is not really worth)

       -Guided Arrow:Nothing much to say about it, all good bowmaster know how imba is this skill. Max it.

        -Stunning Shot: Good to stun when you can see the enemy defenceless./!\ This skill doesn’t stun every time, especially when enemy is casting a skill.
        -Ankle Shot:Imba skill, great damages, Bind for 5.6sec at max lvl.

        -Arrow Shower: lvl 1, Good dps skill. Weakness while casting it, because you can’t move until the skill is over.

        -Pinpoint Shot: Physical Ulti skill, Available since newest update, I think this ulti is better than the other ulti, faster to cast, and has better superarmor than the other.
(**I like to do: Owls Insight, Magic Breeze, Eagle Anger, Pinpoint Shot = IMBA DAMAGES !!)

        -Revolutionary Ballista: Good dps when there are a lot of mobs in front of you. Learn it to unlock Artillery skill tree.

       The other skills are not max, or learn cause i dont have enough sp.

Artillery Skill Tree:

        -Magic Breeze: lvl 1, explained upper.

        -Extension Arrow EX: learn it to add an explosion on impact.

       -Detonating Arrow: Good dps skill, average AOE damage, add two damages, first: when it touches the enemy, second: EXPLOSION(is imba ;D)!

Possible Crests: (must, switchable, as you wish)

Extension Arrow, Guided Arrow, Ankle shot, Pinpoint Shot, Revolutionary Ballista, Detonating Arrow, Charge Shot, Twin Shot, Owl's Insight, Sylph's Aid, Arrow shower

I hope it helps you, I don’t regret to have chosen Artillery, this is one of my favourite classes. If you have any precise questions post it below, I’ll answer you. As all classes she has her own weakness and her key points. Don’t judge the book by its cover ;P.

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