Monday, October 10, 2011

Elodie's Bowmaster - Sniper Party Build (PVE-Oriented)

Skill Tree:

I call this a party build because it's featured by the maxed Bull's Eyes at lv11. At this level, the target's Ranged Defense is reduced by 60%. (For experiments of this skill plz c this thread post #500.)This debuff works for party members too as long as they use ranged skills. All magical skills are considered as ranged skills.

Important stats:
Physical atk: 3.2k-4.0k
Magical atk: 2.0k-2.7k
Agility: 1.8k
Critical Rate: 12k
Critical Resistance: 19k
Dark attack: 72%

lv40 A  Dawn Manticore Cross Bow (+agi, +int, + dark atk)
lv50 A  Water Spirit Quiver (Wind/Agi)(+agi, +dark atk, +fire atk)

lv50 A Ancient Totem Helm (Agi)
lv50 A Ancient Totem Dress (Life)
lv50 A Ancient Totem Legs (Life)
lv50 A Ancient Totem Gloves (Life)
lv50 A Ancient Totem Boots (Life)

Lv40 A Tough Sylvia Necklace
lv33 A Tough Violet Earings
lv40 A Auror Manticore Rings x2

Skill Crests:
Twin Shots  -  dmg +20%
Charge Shot  -  animation speed +50%
Anckle Shot (Rage Burst)  -  dmg +20%
Critical Break  -  8% chance of CD reset (if u ask why, i'm using this coz it's a gift from ShiroNyan xD)

Enhancement Crests:
lv40 A Life Crest with Agility
lv40 A Health Crest with Agility
lv40 A Wisdom Crest with Agility
lv40 A Destructive Crest with Agility
lv40 A Magical Defense Crest with Agility
lv40 A Critical Crest with Agility

lv40 A Magical Crest with Critical
lv40 A Agility Crest with Critical


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