Monday, October 10, 2011

Macchi's Optimized Priest - Inquisitor Build


Although I am known for being a merc, I am also the proud owner of a priest. For a long time I have struggled with which tertiary job to choose. I strongly believed that Saint was an obvious choice due to their overwhelming DPS and Support abilities. However now the gap has been closed quite a bit.

With the duo-ultimate system, the Inquisitor finally lives up to his role. As with my destroyer build (found here), I have optimized the Inquisitor based on the versatility that the duo-ultimate system gives us.

Section I:
i)Essential Skills/Skill Chart (duo-ultimate considered)
ii) Explanation of changes.
iii)Controversial Decisions and Justifications
iv) Heraldry

I. Essential Skills/ Skill Chart (duo-ultimate considered)


Notable Choices: Heal is not maxed to optimize the SP usage of the Priest class.


Comments: Explained later in the guide.


II. Explanation of changes.

The duo-ultimate system takes away some negative things about this class, and gives them two amazing skills.

Inquisitor now has Miracle Hand, and a potent Healing Hand.

Simply put, the duo ultimate system is used to bypass the level 5 requirement of Electronic Detonation and save the player 16 Skill Points, which are invested into a more worthy skill: Healing Hand.

III. Controversial Decisions and Justifications

Why Healing Hand?
I have chosen Healing Hand in build because I feel that healing abilities are what made the Saint superior. By obtaining a more worthy healing skill, I feel that Inquisitors have become a much more efficient support class with the added ability of abusing the shock de-buff. In group pvp this translates into a very versatile and very dangerous killing machine.

However proponents of other game-play styles are free to distribute the skill points wherever they may feel something is lacking.

Why reduce the skill points from Heal?
I feel that Heal is one of those skills with poor growth. If you want a stronger heal skill consider removing the desired skill points from block (not recommended) or getting a Heal plate.

Alternative builds may feature Heal at level one to opt for a more potent block skill.

IV. Heraldry

Inquisitor is a very versatile class with the duo ultimate path. My personal heraldry preference is at follows:

-Miracle Hand Plate (CD)
-Relic of Cure Plate (CD)
-Relic of Heal Plate (CD)
-A damage plate (Electronic Detonation/Lighting Bolt/Holy Bust/Concentration, etc.)

Although this is my personal preference, alternative builds can vary depending on what purpose they were designed for.

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