Monday, October 10, 2011

Koinzell's DPS Mercenary - Barbarian PVE Build

This build is for ppl like me, who likes to put on superarmor and go in whacking recklessly and having fun :D

But bear in mind that to be a true DPS, you will need to pump your equip up, as with any MMO.




Why no crisis / counter howl? Because you don't need it in PVE.

Rising Slash is maxed for damage, since I use it frequently and it works well in synergy with Bone Crash.

Taunting lv10 is a must for SDN, and it performs outside of SDN as well to reduce damage taken for you to spam your DPS skills.

Skill Crests:
Whirlwind : Damage + 20%
Rolling Attack : Damage + 20%
Bone Crash: Duration + 20%
Iron Skin: Duration + 20%

Why the Bone Crash plate? because my bone crash is lvl 2 with the new skill ring, and its additional damage helps alot in parties.
The rest is self-explanatory.


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