Monday, October 10, 2011

Kel's Elemental Lord PVE Skill Build

This skill build is offensive, with the two shields at lvl 2 only. More Sps are invested on damaging skills. The main damaging skills in this build are flameroad, ice stab, firebird, fireball and rolling lava. All these skills are at their max. lvl.

With this skill build, we need to blink to dodge the opponent skill. We can activate both shields and cast flame vortex at critical moment. The drawback is we cannot tank unlike other paladin-eles who have all their shields at lvl 5 and both shield crest.

Ignition. This skill has largest AOE among all EL's skills, and it has high damage comparable to fireball. The drawback of this skill is long CD, long casting time and it negates the burning state and thus reduce the burning damage of other skills. Therefore, it is not useful against big boss. However it is very effective in clearing small mobs and clearing abyss dungeon.

Flame Spark. This skill deals decent damage. The advantage of this skill is its long range, fast casting time and fast CD. Whenever u blink away to dodge, u can cast flame spark immediately. This skill also has highest growth among all ele's skills.

Below is an alternate build with lvl 1 ignition and lvl 9 flame spark.


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