Monday, October 10, 2011

Snow Undine's Semi PVP Elemental Lord Skill build

Sorceress Skills

Flame Worm: Just level 5 to enable fire skill tree of elemental lord.

Glacial Spike:  Just level 5 to enable ice skill tree of elemental lord.

Poison Cloud: level 12 already can deal 3 pieces on ground. Useful in PVP

Shockwave: Level 1 enough to bounce the enemy away when you being attack.

MP Party Buff : No need SP. So , learn it for your own good and your party members too.

Blink : Max~~~! for your safety!!

Counter Spell: Bounce enemy away when you going to stand up when kissing the floor.

Escape, aerial evasion:Max for safety.

Physical Mastery: level 1 only due to insufficient point

MP Regen: In the coming version, EL must up this skill at least level 1...but i think that still no enough for you because EL's shield going function like paladin's aura, can switch on and off. It consume a lot mp. Advise to wear the MP recover plate, good in pve.

Elemental Lord Skills
Fire Ball : I left this skill for 1 level because it is quite useful in pvp and pve too..beside damage not bad. but as i m undine , so i didnt up much because still need to save points to my ice skill.

Flame Spark : CD short and use it when you blink. it something can delay some enemy motion in pvp. This time i just level 1 enough point=.=!
Inferno: Level 6 to increase the attack range, original range is 5m and it will become 7m when level also forget why i up to level 7=.=..omg waste sp.

Firewall : make enemy fly to sky!!!but dont use it on sm and know..they a lot of aerial skills.

FireShield: just to enable flame road.
Flame Road : Just use it to chase enemy in pvp and damage on pve. If you want more powerful in pvp,u can max it, that was crazy damage...(exprienced with my friend while he is fire EL with max flame road, me burned until dead=.=)

Frost Wind: Short CD same as Flame Spark too. but this skill you can either level 1 or higher, since it got the effect of reduce ice resist,so i choose to up it. but although different level,the time of reduce speed is remain same = 4seconds.

Freezing Sword : Level 11 to enable EX skill of undine. This time going to max it...because i wearing Freezing Sword plate, increase 20% damage, and EX, increase 30%...

Freezing Field: This time , i did not up this skill full.although it damage is very high and when higher level..the time of reduce speed can reach until 7 seconds(if i not mistaken.). but this skill's CD is too long compare to ice stab and freezing sword. And it easy to dodge by rivals in pvp. but once they being hit..there are no ways to run from us. this skill reduce 33% of ice resist. so i just up to enable next skill.

Ice Stab: This skill recommended to max too because it deal great damage when it max level. In addition, it short CD too. But this time my build going hybrid, so i need to move some points to fire skills. so i just left them to level 2.

Freezing shield : max it!! since it got a very very LOW chance to FREEZE enemy when you active this skill. And in the coming version, we can switch on this skill anytime if you want,and it will freeze enemy around you. max it and wearing a reduce damage skill plate can make you can reduce 63% of the damage from enemy!(while priest MH reduce but it will consume a lot of mp if you keep on it...

Chilling Mist : MAX!! as it is the symbol skill of undine~! although it CD time was increase in pvp. but this skill is deal crazy damage once the rival in front of you. Besides that, it will slow down the rivals.

Glacial Wave : Can freeze people 100%, if the enemy not under invincible. After T3, it freezing time increase by level. For pvp, it recommended to max or you wear A skill crest so enemy no to fast to break the ice. But i didnt up max because i think level 6, 4seconds in pvp is enough for me. In the future,freeze status will not easy to break by party member too.

Icy Fraction: Good DPH(damage per hit) skill. it will deal damage to the enemy that under slow state or frozen. You will see the crazy damage when you fight with the mobs that weak to water or party a paladin that got elemental aura. And enemy will be slow down around 4seconds?, after eat this skill. But if enemy jump when u cast this skill, it may missed=.=! i max it because i use it mostly for pve, and to pawn head in pvp.

Blizzard : Erm... This skill will most effective when you reduce ice resist of enemy. If not, the damage no much good. But this is good to use when there are a lot mobs.And it got chance to freeze the mobs when they get hit. This skill cannot cancel once you use.

For Undine skill

Ice Barrier: as undine, sure we must try the new skill~! this skill may be useless in pvp(In pvp just absorb 80% you still will receive 20% of the damage)..and all see you holding an "egg shell" all sure run far far it good to use in pve It will protect you and absorb 100% of the damage, until the damage that you receive higher then you matk.

Ice Spear : I heard that this skill damage is very low...lolx...around 2k attack undine use this skill and deal around hundred++ damage per hit on rivals..but it is attack with all directions and high chance to freeze enemy!

Freezing Sword EX : Improve 30% damage of freezing sword~


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