Monday, October 10, 2011

Saurus Fire Elemental Lord Guide - Choices of Gears, Potentials and Stats

This is a simple guide on FireEle/Seleana stats.

-In this guide you will learn:
1) Important offensive stats: Finding the balance btw Matk-Crit-Fire%
2) Important defensive stats
3) What crests to get: and what 3rd options to get for those crests
4) Which options to get on your gears.
5) Which prefix to add onto your gears.

1) Important Offensive Stats:

-First know that the Crit cap is reached at around 10K Crit for lv40 target and 18k for lv50 mobs.

-Matk:  Focus on increasing this stat if you have no hope of reaching the crit cap at your target level.  If you are close to reaching the crit cap; then sacrifice your matk and focus solely on increasing your crit.      

-Crit: In fighting mobs with high defense, this is the stat that differentiates a weak Seleana from a strong one. 
   -In terms of overall dmg in lv50abyss stages; 4.5k matk with 17k Crit >>>> 8k matk with 5k Crit.
-A critical strike on a lvl50 target will more than double/triple your non-crit attacks, provided that they are not resisted by the target.

-At lv24 and 32cap, you can ignore crit, because---
#1 mobs at these levels do not have high phy/mag defense; which means that the dmg from crit is not much higher than your norm attack. 
-A critical strike on a lv24~32 target will probably increase your dmg by x1.2~1.4 the non-crit dmg. 
#2 Also, you'll need around 8-9k crit to see lots of crit even at lv24/32 dont bother building your crit. Go stack Matk instead:)

-Fire element % Max this only after reaching the Crit cap at your target level.

-Final Damage (FD) Recommended for the rich..this stat comes last after having increased your crit, matk, and Fire%.
     -Very good for lv40 mobs and below.  (stack around 860 FD to double dmg) 
     -Also works on lv40++ mobs, but  currently its effect is not that great unless you can manage to stack  around 1.5k FD at lv50.

-Int: the more the better, get this to increase your matk and total MP.

2) Important Defensive Stats
These are the stats you must raise for better survivability.
-Agi The more the better.  Will not directly contribute to your damage out put, however, it’ll increase your Critical and Critical resist; both of which are key stats for a mage.
-Hp:  The more the better. 
-Vit:  The more the better, get this to increase HP.
-Mp:  The more the better. Dry mana=dead.  Mp regen is important to prevent mana from drying.
-Crit Resist --- Very important stat.  Strikes that hurt you the most (and perhaps 1hit KO you in nests) are those attacks that Crit on you.
As you know from reading Chaos’ post about Crit&Crit resist, Crit resist increases the chance of you reducing the dmg that you’ll receive from an enemy’s attack that has crit on you.  NOW an interesting phenomenon happens with mages. Because our defense is very low, when we are able to resist those crits, we end up taking significantly less dmg than what the enemy’s non-crit attack (ie. Normal attack) would do to us.
---So you can think of yourself as the Ogre in apo nest.. you have super high Crit resist   and a Very low def = your opponent’s critical strikes will deal less dmg than their non-critical strikes.
-Therefore, in general, higher crit resist=better survivability. 
     At lv40  aim for 12~15k Crit resist.
     At lv50  aim for 20k (but this is hard to reach so 12k is fine)

3) What Crest to Get
I recommend getting the A grade crests (with 3rd option if possible) for the following:
-Crit resist
-Final Damage (@lv50)

-So what 3rd option on the crest?
-Crit ---top priority until you can reach the crit cap.
-Vit or Matk ---after you have reached the crit cap, Vit for survivability and Matk for more dmg.

4) Which Options to get on your gears.

What is the best option to add on my weapon?
-For players who have reached the crit cap (10k @lv40; 18k @ lv50), the recommended option is Fire%, agi, int. (easy to get this one)

-For those unable to reach the crit cap:
#1 Matk 5.7%+ Int+ Agi+ MP regen 17% +Critical 17%  (or any variation with Matk 5.7% and Crit 17% combo)

#2 Agi + Int +Critical 17% (and any variation of this… just need that crit+17% option)

What is the best option to add onto my armor?
-For players who has reached the crit cap
-For those unable to reach the crit cap:
AGI + VIT+ HP  or  AGI + INT + HP

5) Which prefix to add onto your gears.
If you want to solo nest once in a while, go with the life prefix.
-On your weapons add the Life prefix.
-On the 4 armor parts add the life prefix.
-Because no life prefix is available for the head gear, add the Wise prefix to it (the one that adds Int.)

If you don't plan on soloing nests..
-add Wise prefix rather than the Magic prefix.
-or if you need that extra crit/crit resist add the agile prefix.


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